Feel skincare
An enterprising start-up, renowned for their line of natural, potent, and eco-friendly supplements, aimed to broaden their portfolio by incorporating skincare products into their wellness offerings.
Areas of discussion:
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Based on extensive research and a thorough brand strategy analysis, we outlined the following launch criteria:
• Number of products to launch with
• Product selection
• Formulation and key ingredients
• Product claims
• Packaging selection
• Quantities to launch with
• Best time to launch a new skincare line
• Communication strategy
• Best suppliers to work with for a small company
• Retail prices and margins
• RRP established by analysing the gap in the market and reviewing existing supplement retail prices
• Formulation had to be 100% natural, Vegan, No artificial fragrances or colours, No Parabens, No SLS
• 4 product line up - cleaner, face cream, serum, eye cream
• European production
• Low MOQ & short lead-times
• Recyclable, mono material packaging
• UK box production
• 90%-80%margin
Launched in 9 months
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